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As we continue to grow into a national casino party company, we have more and more events outside the Chicagoland area. For events in the surrounding states like Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Minnesota, we send our local crews with our tables and lead dealers. Our set-up crews will leave early in the morning to drive in the day of to set up the event. They also make sure to connect with the client, get everything ready to go, and sometimes have time to take a nap to be fresh for the event.

We typically use a mix of local talent and our Chicago staff for our dealer staff. Many of our staff enjoy the road trips and volunteer to drive to the out-of-town events. We have also developed a number of staff in the surrounding states to draw from. We hire and train them and reach out when we have events nearby. When our Chicago staff sign up to work on out-of-town events, we often arrange a lot of ride-sharing or in some cases rent a commercial van to take 3-10 people to the event. If the drive time is closer to 8 hours, we will also rent a room for our Chicago staff to stay the night should they choose. Some prefer to drive back that night, so we support that if they have their own vehicles.

Our #1 goal is to deliver an extraordinary experience to our clients with the best dealers around, so we provide a lot of flexibility to our staff and know that we meet our goal.

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