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Determining the Number of Casino Tables You Need

casino tables

Successful Table Selection Guide

When customers are looking at a casino night for their entertainment option, one of the more popular questions is ‘how many tables do we need?’ As professionals, running 100s of casino parties each year, we find the following formula to be the most successful:

It is important to start with the knowledge that each table has a set number of ‘playing positions’. Blackjack, for instance, has 7 playing positions, Texas Hold’em poker has 9-10 playing positions, etc (see chart below). For a traditional casino night, your professional casino operator will recommend having enough playing positions for 50-60% of your total guest count. This means that if you are expecting 50 people at your party, you will want to have 25-30 playing positions (approximately 3 tables). If you have 100 people, you will want 50-60 playing positions (about 7 tables) and so on. Based on this information, your professional casino operator will recommend the best ‘mix of tables’ based on what we know to be the most successful and bring the most fun! Blackjack is by far the most popular so we always recommend at least one of them!

Are there exceptions to the rule?

There are instances where this ratio does not apply. For instance, if you just want a few tables to ‘highlight’ an event where the casino is not the primary focus, we could recommend 1-3 tables instead of the full 50-60%. Or, if you just want one table at your tradeshow booth or in the corner for an open house, then we can accommodate that as well. Note that some casino operators do have table minimums (ie 5 tables) so be sure to ask them about that as well when ordering.

Table Selection Cheat Sheet

Casino Table Selection Cheat Sheet

Each Event is Different and Unique

I do recommend leaving the decision for how many and which tables will work best for your event up to the casino company to make. We know from experience how to create the best guest experience. Occasionally, we do have clients call with a specific request like 2 craps tables, 2 roulette tables, and 3 poker tables (or something like that) for only 25 people. In our opinion, that is overselling. While we are happy to accommodate if there are good reasons for it, we feel compelled to let them know what our experience suggests for a successful event. Having too many tables creates a situation for empty tables and thus a boring party. Trust your casino operator’s advice. They don’t want to oversell. They don’t want to have unnecessary staff used up where not needed, and they definitely want to ensure that your guests have the best experience possible.

Ready To Plan Your In-Person Event?

From corporate events to milestone birthdays U.S. Poker& Casino Parties has been a resource for thousands of casino-themed events. Whether you are planning a company picnic and want to add a few blackjack tables, or are planning a roaring 20’s holiday party and want a speakeasy casino to be the centerpiece of the event, we are here to ensure that your guest’s experience is memorable, professional, and customized to your needs.


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