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Making a Comeback with Live Events

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As cities like Chicago start to buzz again, we're excited to see live events making a comeback. If you're thinking about throwing a casino-themed party, we're here to make it easy and fun.

What's a Casino-Themed Party Like?

Imagine bringing the Las Vegas vibe right to your place. We'll handle everything – tables, gear, and even dealers – to turn your party into something your guests won't forget.

Getting Ready for the Party:

We'll come in before the party to set everything up. The timing depends on how big your party is and what else is going on. We like to be done setting up an hour before everyone arrives. If your venue's a bit tricky or you have other questions, just chat with your event planner. We can also talk directly with the venue's team to sort everything out.

The Casino Part:

  • Gaming Time: The tables are open for about 3-4 hours. We give a heads-up 15-20 minutes before closing.

  • Chips for Everyone: Everyone gets play money to start – it's just for fun and feels like the real deal in Vegas.

  • Betting: Each table shows how much the chips are worth. We'll decide together the minimum and maximum bets. Near the end, we can raise the stakes for extra thrills.

Prizes (If You Want):

You don't have to give out prizes, but they sure add to the excitement. Think about things like gadgets, gift cards, or even extra vacation days. A few big prizes usually work better than lots of small ones. Your event planner can help you figure out the best options.

Ensuring a Healthy and Safe Gaming Experience

We're staying on top of all the health guidelines to keep your party safe.

  • Health Checks for Staff: Our casino dealers will get temperature checks before they start. Anyone who's not well won't work at your party.

  • Health Forms: We'll have a quick form for everyone to confirm they're symptom-free.

  • Safe Practices: We're all about social distancing, masks for dealers, hand sanitizer, and wipes at each table. Plus, we're keeping everything clean, from cards to chips.

Ready to roll the dice and have some fun at your event? We can't wait to help you plan a party that's both safe and a blast!


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