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Seasons of the Casino Party Industry

Casino party

Like all industries, the casino party business has its busy season and slow time. To help better understand the flow of business as a casino operator we wanted to share what we have learned in our ten years of experience.

In general, the busy season is easy, it’s the fourth quarter and in particular, December. The slow season is the Summer months when everyone in outside.

More specifically, we see slow months in July and August before events start to pick back up again after Labor Day (first part of September). Clients, like us, all seem to be on a school year timeline and "wake up" from the summer stupor right after Labor Day.

We all have slightly different client bases but in general, we see the following 3 seasons:

poker party seasons

Do months throughout the year vary from year to year?

September and March are the two unpredictable months for us. In some years, we see the busy season begin to take shape in September. It’s more ‘steady’ vs busy. But in other years, it’s very busy. In the new year, March is always a coin flip. I like to think of March as more of a transition month. Not a lot of annual events but enough to keep us going.

When someone asks me when our busy season is I typically say ‘September-March’.

Is there a particular month I should keep an eye on during the year?

PRO TIP: Another thing to consider when planning your year is to know how many weekends we have in December -- before the holiday. In some years, we only have 2 weekends to sell and in others (like 2022) we have 3 weekends to sell. The determining factor, of course, is when the first and second of December fall.

This is important to note because we all typically ‘sell out’ on December weekends so it’s nice to know that you will have a decent revenue boost when we have one extra weekend to work with. In our case, we try to plan to buy additional equipment on those years knowing we’ll have a good year when there are 3 weekends to sell.


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