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Elevate Your Derby Party with Exciting Horse Racing Games

Horse Racing Games

If you're planning a Derby party, you're already on the right track to a memorable and enjoyable event. But why stop there? To truly take your Derby party to the next level, consider adding horse racing games that will bring the thrill of the racetrack right to your backyard. In this guide, we'll show you how to elevate your Derby party with exciting horse racing games that will have your guests cheering for more.

The Derby Party Atmosphere

1. Dress Code

Set the tone for your Derby party by encouraging guests to dress in their finest Derby attire. Think big hats, seersucker suits, and bowties for a touch of Southern charm. A "Best Dressed" contest can add an element of fun and competition to the event.

2. Decor

Transform your venue into a racetrack oasis. Decorate with jockey silks, horseshoes, and race-themed banners. Tables adorned with roses, the official flower of the Kentucky Derby, will add a touch of elegance.

Horse Racing Games

3. Derby Hat Contest

Host a Derby hat contest for your guests. Encourage creativity and extravagance, and award prizes for the most stylish and unique hats. This is a fantastic icebreaker and gets everyone into the Derby spirit.

4. Virtual Horse Racing

Set up a virtual horse racing game that allows guests to place bets on simulated horse races. You can use specialized software or hire a company that provides this service. It's an interactive way to engage your guests and create some friendly competition.

5. Stick Horse Races

Organize stick horse races for your guests. Provide stick horses (toy horses mounted on sticks) and have races in your backyard. You can even create a mini racetrack with ropes or cones. It's a hilarious and entertaining activity that will have everyone laughing.

6. Derby Trivia

Test your guests' Derby knowledge with a trivia game. Prepare questions related to Derby history, famous horses, and jockeys. Offer prizes to the guests with the most correct answers.

Food and Drinks

7. Mint Juleps

No Derby party is complete without the iconic Mint Julep. Set up a Mint Julep bar with all the ingredients, including bourbon, fresh mint, and simple syrup. Guests can mix their own cocktails.

8. Southern Fare

Serve traditional Southern dishes like shrimp and grits, Kentucky hot brown sandwiches, and pecan pie. These culinary delights will transport your guests to the heart of the South.

Betting and Prizes

9. Betting Station

Create a betting station where guests can place bets on the virtual horse races and stick horse races. Provide play money for betting, and offer prizes for those who accumulate the most winnings.

10. Prizes for Winners

Award prizes to the winners of the stick horse races, trivia game, and Derby hat contest. Consider prizes like Derby-themed gift baskets, horse racing memorabilia, or tickets to local horse races.


With these exciting horse racing games and party ideas, your Derby party is sure to be a hit. The combination of a lively atmosphere, interactive games, delicious food, and Derby-themed decor will transport your guests to the heart of Kentucky racing tradition.

So, gear up, put on your finest Derby attire, and get ready to host a Derby party that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. The thrill of the racetrack has never been closer, and your guests will be talking about your unforgettable Derby party for years to come.


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