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U.S. Poker & Casino Parties COVID-19 PROTOCOLS | January 2022

A COVID-19 Friendly Event

To ensure we are creating a safe gaming experience we have been and will continue to follow CDC, state, and local recommendations and restrictions during The COVID-19 Pandemic. Some of our practices are outlined below:

  • We ask Dealers to arrive 45 minutes ahead of the deal time instead of 30 minutes

  • Social Distancing according to CDC guidelines will be followed.

  • Dealers will wear masks provided by US Poker & Casino Parties while in the event room

  • Hand sanitizer will be available at each table. All dealers will use hand sanitizer before and during the event.

  • Wipes will be accessible for each table for the comfort of your guests to sanitize a station before playing.

  • The Dealer will wipe down table bumpers, signs, and other equipment regularly during each event

  • Dice at craps table will be wiped off throughout the event

  • Chips and Cards will be cleaned with a UV Light between events

Chicago-Based Events

In compliance with the City of Chicago Public Health Order 2021-2, venues require all patrons ages 5 and older to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and wear a mask.

Valid forms of identification include:

  • Valid photo ID

  • Vaccination card

  • Photocopy of vaccination card

  • Digital record or app or

  • Printed record from vaccine provider

Patrons will need to show proper identification to a venue staff member upon entry to the premises. US Poker & Casino Parties follows all guidelines relevant to this mandate.

To learn more about this mandate, please visit:

Ready To Plan Your In-Person Event?

From corporate events to milestone birthdays U.S. Poker& Casino Parties has been a resource for thousands of casino-themed events. Whether you are planning a company picnic and want to add a few blackjack tables, or are planning a roaring 20’s holiday party and want a speakeasy casino to be the centerpiece of the event, we are here to ensure that your guest’s experience is memorable, professional, and customized to your needs.


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