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Virtual Events

Real dealers, real games, all live, all virtual!

Real Casino Experiences,


Using the latest technology,  a live table, and a dealer – we recreate the casino night experience for your team! Join in on the fun for your own team Casino Night and play Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, a Money Wheel table, and Poker. Remotely play with colleagues, clients, or friends all while interacting with a live dealer.

Virtual Casino Night

Going virtual is as simple as point and click for both you and your guests. Let us handle the technology needed and make you look like a high roller.

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Room Assignment
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Virtual Performers

Not everyone likes to gamble, increase the variety of your event by including a virtual performer to create a true vegas-style experience.


Cigar Roller

Speed Painter

Virtual Entertainment

If you prefer video games over vegas, we are equipped with the perfect solution to create a team-bonding experience suited to your team.




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