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Team-Building with A Virtual Casino Night

Virtual Casino Night

We, like many of you, were (and continue to be) excited for 2022, and as the Omicron Variant of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we find ourselves in another (hopefully brief) time to consider adjusting our in-person events for the first part of the year.

If you are like some of those who we've connected with, the first quarter of the year was going to bring with it an opportunity for your full team to come together -- to set some intentions for the year, and also make a few lasting memories. Even if you've had to postpone your initial plans to later in the year, we are encouraging our partners and clients to still celebrate the original plan with a social, virtual, activity like a Virtual Casino Night.

What is a Virtual Casino Night?

Depending on the size of your team, there are multiple ways to plan a virtual casino night. U.S. Poker & Casino Parties is

Casino Night

equipped to offer anywhere from 2-6 authentic casino games ranging from Roulette, Black Jack, Poker, and Craps.

Our virtual casino is equipped with a number of different platforms to fit your needs including using ZOOM, a custom webpage, or an avatar-based site that will allow for a customized experience, and a central location that will allow guests to receive important information, explore games, and bounce from activation to activation with ease. Each game has been designed and slightly augmented for a virtual environment, but is still hosted LIVE with a real dealer, real chips, and real cards. To read more about how to host a successful virtual casino night head over to our blog here.

Are Virtual Casino Nights New For U.S. Poker & Casino Parties?

Funny you should ask. We are considered one of the worldwide leaders in virtual casino nights, having hosted over 400 virtual events since the onset of the pandemic in 2020. If you can believe it, that's almost two full years.

We've done events large and small, locally and internationally, and have learned a lot along the way. We continue to improve and perfect our approach to making for a seamless planning and production experience, we are well equipped to fire up the cameras, send out the links, and create a memorable and fun night for all who attend.

Do You Offer Other Types of Entertainment During Your Casino Night?

Absolutely! We are a firm believer in creating an authentic casino atmosphere with different interactive entertainment options. If you are looking for a night just to sit back and relax, we have more than a few options for you.

You and your guest can enjoy the acts of a magician or comedian, learn their future with our Tarot card reader, try and win big during trivia night or bingo, or learn a new craft from our cigar roller demonstration. If you don't feel like just sitting we even offer an option for a DJ dance party that will get you on your feet. The best part is they dont have to pick just one. Guests can go back and forth between the different experiences as they wish right from their computer.

Can We Move Our In-Person Casino Night To a Virtual Setting?

Virtual Casino Night

We understand that remaining flexible when it comes to how the health crisis has impacted events is vital. We are dedicated to helping you create an event, whether in-person, virtual, or a combination of both. As we continue to navigate requests, we do our best to work with you as a partner to accommodate any request. While some prime dates may no longer be available for a transition into a virtual space, we are always happy to share our availability and come up with a date that works for both.

The flexibility and kindness we have seen from our clients and partners during this time has been truly felt, and we cannot thank you enough for the patience and understanding that has been shared.

How Do We Get Started?

If you currently have a date booked with us and would like to consider transitioning to a virtual event, please feel free to reach out to your U.S. Poker representative and we would be happy to help you transition. For those who may have had In-person plans who now want to plan a fun virtual night, head over to the Virtual Casino Page to learn more and send us a message.

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